Quebec City, 15 January 2014 – De Marque, a leader in the field of digital publishing, has taken yet another step forward in its international development by exporting to France an expertise developed in Quebec, with the goal of creating a unique, ebook lending project for all public libraries in Grenoble.

“This is an incredible opportunity for De Marque, who this spring will start offering the some 41,000 users of Grenoble’s public libraries a customized solution based on a model similar to the Quebec platform,” De Marque president and cofounder Marc Boutet explains.

Already solidly established in Quebec with more than 100,000 users, allows Quebec readers to borrow digital books by logging on to their local library’s website. Once downloaded, the ebooks are on loan for a predetermined length of time and can be easily read on all readers, tablets, computers and smartphones.

“The model has to be adapted for Grenoble, because the French standards and parameters for ebook lending differ from ours, but our technology platform offers the flexibility needed to do so,” points out Marc Hébert, Product Manager, Consumer Applications at De Marque, who was in Grenoble just recently to take part in a truly inspirational working session.

“Thanks to the technology and methodologies employed, we can offer a scalable solution designed to respond to the needs of users. These different improvements will benefit all our customers,” Mr. Hébert adds.

De Marque won the contract with the City of Grenoble in association with Feedbooks, a Paris-based company that markets several million digital books every month.


The project will not only enable De Marque to become a key partner with Grenoble, it will also be an opportunity to test the Prêt Numérique en Bibliothèque (PNB) project. Coordinated by the firm Dilicom, PNB aims to increase access to the digital book market, a rapidly expanding sector among French readers.

“It’s an emerging technology in France, which will enable libraries to purchase from different suppliers and consolidate all their acquisitions on a single platform,” explains Mr. Hébert.

PNB will thus provide French public libraries and booksellers with access to a public market that is similar to the lending of physical books, but in their digital format, by acting as a bridge between publishers.


De Marque is a leader in the field of cultural digital content distribution, in particular digital books. The company has enjoyed sustained growth, especially internationally, and relies on both its cutting-edge technology platform and a strategy based on the development of partnerships with key players in each of the markets it has entered.

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