Quebec, November 22, 2013 – Since its deployment in 2008, Cantook, the international distribution platform for digital books powered by De Marque, has grown to over 700 partners (publishers and retailers) from around the world (including Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, the United States and Australia). Cantook also boasts a level of service availability of 99.95%, the best in the industry.

Cantook is the only fully multilingual platform that supports multiple taxes, users, countries, tasks, currencies, accounts, models and sales channels, while acting as a business network for partners on every level of the book chain. Cantook is constantly evolving to offer publishers and retailers a truly unique experience.

Cantook  Hub, the ebook distribution platform
Over 250 sales points across 60 countries

Always on the lookout for new markets to conquer, whether it be by adding new partners, new resellers or new countries of sale, we want to spread all digital books housed in our platform as widely as possible. This year BookWire, Carrefour, Casa del Libro, Copia, Cyberlibris, Ebsco, Sony and many libraries that use the Dilicom hub in France were added to our existing 250 outlets. In addition to covering Europe and the Americas more broadly, these new outlets now allow us to distribute titles in South America and South Africa.

Further improvement of metadata management

Metadata is crucial for the sale of digital books and we take great care to continuously improve this aspect of Cantook. Improved optimization, new metadata fields and enhanced metadata management have all been implemented in order to offer a more comprehensive product and user-friendly experience. For example, the Price screen has been completely redesigned. It allows, among other things, to assign the same price to several formats at once and assign different prices (currencies) to a single country and/or multiple countries. White label platform administrators now have a powerful tool to manage the availability of countries, territories, economic regions, languages, currencies and external platforms through Cantook.

New dashboards help manage products more effectively

The new Market Optimization dashboard allows, among other things, to target markets or publications that are not utilized to their full potential, or to point out where a simple operation (like adding a listed price, or activating a publication for sale) is required to unlock a title for sale. Another new dashboard, Obligations and recommendations, displays an overview of the publisher’s catalogue in regards to the various validation processes that Cantook performs when sending titles to resellers. Therefore, it is possible quickly see which titles have passed or failed this validation process, allowing for quick corrective actions if necessary.

Cantook Courrier, the ebook delivery service

Cantook also offers several “à la carte“ marketing services such as the Cantook Courrier delivery service, which allows to securely send free or purchasable personalized digital book copies. This year Cantook Courrier has been greatly improved through the addition of new features that allow publishers to make the most out of the marketing and sale of their ebooks.

Cantook Boutique, helps you sell your ebooks directly on your website without hassle

Bouquinarium, the quick and simple e-commerce service that allows for the sale of ebooks on a website without developing and maintaining a transactional site, becomes CANTOOK BOUTIQUE. The service, which had previously only been offered in Quebec, is now available to all French-language customers in Canada. Multiple linguistic support is coming soon.

“Cantook is a constantly evolving product, and this evolution is based on the needs and expectations of our partners. They truly are at the heart of the Cantook range of products whether they are in Canada, in Europe or elsewhere. We are more than a technology company; we are a community, a business network. Our annual Convergence seminar, which will take place in Bologna in March 2014, is a good example, as it allows our partners to grow with us and discuss their expectations for Cantook,” said Marc Boutet, President and CEO of De Marque.


De Marque is a leader in the field of cultural digital content distribution, in particular digital books. The company has enjoyed sustained growth and relies on Cantook, its cutting-edge technology platform, and a strategy based on the development of partnerships with key players in each of the markets it has entered. / /