De Marque continues its ascension! This frontrunner in cultural digital content distribution will be hosting a seminar in Quebec City on May 27-28, with as its theme Convergence, which will bring together some fifty internationally renowned companies from the world of digital publishing.

We’re expecting more than sixty people from across the province and abroad. This confirms that a genuine business network has been established, propelled by our Cantook e-book distribution platform,” asserts Mr. Marc Boutet, De Marque’s President, CEO and co-founder.

The aim of the seminar, which will take place at the Hotel Château-Laurier (by invitation only), is to foster encounters between stakeholders from the publishing world who use Cantook, an e-book distribution platform developed by De Marque, the high-performance tool that has rapidly gained international renown and which today has over 700 partners from 30 different countries.

Partners from Italy (Edigita), France (Eden Livres and Feedbooks), the United States (Bluefire Reader and The Copia), Germany (ReadMill), Spain (, Canada and Quebec (including the Association nationale des éditeurs de livres (ANEL), Bibliopresto, Ruedeslibraires, Archambault and Kobo) will all be taking part in Convergence.

The seminar will be an opportunity to take time out to discuss and share information with regard to the new realities in digital publishing. The first day will focus on digital publishing both here and around the world, while on the second day discussions will centre on upcoming developments for the Cantook platform.

The range of topics to be covered includes:

An overview of digital publishing around the world
The current situation in various markets (round tables)
Cantook’s corporate philosophy and the development of its related products and services
Perspectives on the future of digital publishing

Making strides

In a rapidly expanding market, De Marque continues to gain ground on the international stage and is now more than ever carving out an enviable place for itself as a key player in the publishing sector.
De Marque is growing rapidly. We are constantly on the lookout for talented people. In fact, over the past three months we have hired ten new employees and we’re still hiring!” Marc Boutet pointsout.


DeMarque is a leader in the field of cultural digital content distribution, in particular digital books. The company has enjoyed sustained growth and relies on both its cutting-edge technology platform and a strategy based on the development of partnerships with key players in each of the markets it has entered.

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