QUEBEC CITY, JUNE 2ND 2014 – De Marque, a leader in the field of digital content distribution, is proud to announce it has sealed an alliance with the Library Services Centre (LSC) to launch Cantook Station, a new e-lending solution for Canadian public libraries. Already implemented in hundreds of libraries here and abroad, Cantook Station is a robust and proven technology which gives librarians the control and diversity they need to make their digital collections thrive.

Somehow Canadian librarians knew a Canadian e-lending solution was forthcoming. It is no coincidence that De Marque would be at the forefront of such an endeavour. “With our twenty years of involvement in publishing and distribution of digital cultural content, we firmly believe that we are best suited to make this happen,” said Marc Boutet, President and CEO of De Marque. “Strengthened with our partnership with LSC, the time has come to put our expertise and knowledge of the Canadian market to work for Canadian libraries and publishers.”

Cantook Station’s catalogue is defined by its diversity, containing titles from major North American publishers as well as an impressive selection of multilingual ebooks from across Europe. We are proud to offer a wide range of Canadian titles from some of our country’s top publishers (both in English and in French) as well as a selection of British publications. “LSC is thrilled to be part of a Canadian ebook solution that offers better choices to both Canadian libraries and Canadian publishers,” said Michael Monahan, CEO of Library Services Centre.

Cantook Station works with all major e-readers and tablets and will boast complete integration with its own built-in e-reading app starting in fall 2014 (for Android and iOS platforms). By partnering with LSC, Cantook Station will also deliver MARC records, the standard for dissemination of bibliographic data, at no extra cost, to help libraries simplify data management across both their print and digital collections. 

About De Marque

De Marque is a leader in the field of digital cultural content distribution, specifically digital books. Well established in Canada, France and Italy, they are at the center of an international and multilingual network, with more than 550 partners in over 40 countries. /

About Library Services Centre

Library Services Centre is one of Canada’s largest providers of bibliographic material to libraries with more than 40 years’ experience providing service to Canadian libraries. LSC is a not-for-profit corporation whose members are Canadian public library boards.



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