Important consolidation in the digital lending sector.

Québec City, January 16, 2019 – De Marque CEO Marc Boutet is proud to announce the acquisition of, Groupe Archambault’s e-lending service available in some 50 libraries across Canada. De Marque becomes the sole owner of the service, strengthening its presence in the market as the largest Canadian provider of e-lending services for libraries.

The largest catalogue of French language content

Cantook Station, De Marque’s homegrown e-lending service, provides library users with access to the largest catalogue of French-language content. As such, an assorted inventory of 215,000 ebooks and audiobooks from Quebec, French-Canadian and major international publishers is available to all libraries subscribed to the service, regardless of where they are in the world. Cantook Station also offers ebooks in languages other than French, such as English and Spanish, and manifests a particular emphasis on the discoverability of ebooks by local authors.

True Canada-based expertise

The acquisition of is another milestone in De Marque’s evolution, a company that built a strong international reputation in the realm of digital publishing. Since its creation 28 years ago, De Marque has always successfully adapted to both market and digital distribution trends. Such success would not have been possible without a clear strategic vision and agile development.

“I am very pleased with this agreement, as it bolsters our presence in Canada,” said Mr. Boutet. “The library market has always been of tremendous interest to us since libraries are at the front lines of helping people gain access to ebooks. This is one of the reasons we initiated a partnership with Québec’s public libraries back in 2011. I am extremely proud that our expertise and technology, designed and developed in Québec City in collaboration with various stakeholders, allow us to thrive both locally and internationally.” will be integrated into Cantook Station, which offers advanced e-lending and digital collection management features in a user friendly interface. Through this acquisition, De Marque now serves more than half of all public libraries in Canada, promoting access to quality French-language content across the country.

About De Marque

De Marque is an international leader in the field of digital content distribution, particularly ebooks. Based in Québec City, Canada, the company’s distributes over half a million ebook titles from more than 2,500 publishers to 1,300 sales points worldwide.

About Cantook Station

Cantook Station is De Marque’s e-lending service, allowing library users to browse, check out and read ebooks and audiobooks with ease via a web browser or the dedicated iOS and Android mobile application. The service is used in libraries in Canada, France, Belgium and Sweden. It powers the PRETNUMERIQUE.CA public library service in the province of Québec, which has registered over 7 million ebook checkouts from library users.