Quebec City — September 22, 2015 — Quebec City based company De Marque is proud to be celebrating its 25th anniversary on September 25th. Since its explosive growth with the creation of the Typing Pal software in the 1990s, this pioneer of digital technology in Quebec City has nimbly adapted and transformed over the years to define itself as a technological driver for both the educational and cultural sectors. This mission remains at the heart of De Marque’s activities, who is now a key international player in the ebook distribution industry, delivering over 150,000 ebooks in 40 countries.

Beginnings And Growth
What should have been a simple summer job for Marc Boutet, president and co-founder of De Marque, turned into a lifelong project. He created Typing Pal at the age of 15 with Guy Bergeron, an academic consultant and co-founder of De Marque. Soon thereafter, growing demand led to the hiring of several recruits, including Christian Roy, the current Vice President of Technology, and numerous accomplishments followed (please note that some are now operated by companies other than De Marque):

  • De Marque’s first product was Le Menu, a DOS-based program used to launch applications, simple and easy-to-use for schools;
  • Development and commercialisation of the very popular Typing Pal keyboard skills learning program;
  • Development and commercialisation of BudgetExpress personal finances software;
  • Development of search and archival tools on floppy disk, CD-ROM and the Internet for magazines and periodicals, including Science et Vie, Protégez-Vous and Les Débrouillards;
  • Acquisition of École Branchée, a magazine and website dedicated to helping teachers make the most of digital technology in the classroom;
  • Creation of Scoop, a website which offers educational activities linked to current events;
  • Distribution of interactive whiteboards and a suite of digital resources for use in classrooms (such as the family of Le Robert digital dictionaries);
  • Creation of Typing for Dummies and Budget for Dummies programs.

The Era Of Ebooks
As ebooks emerged, De Marque anticipated the need for solutions in order to guide Quebec-based publishers to operate within the digital realm. With Clément Laberge, now Executive Vice President, the company concluded a partnership with the Association nationale des éditeurs de livres of Quebec, to launch the Entrepôt Du Livre Numérique (2008), the very first ebook warehousing and distribution service for French-language Québécois titles, enabling publishers to sell digital editions of their titles worldwide. The success of this project prompted De Marque’s international expansion, setting the stage for agreements with the most important publishing groups in France (2009), Italy (2011) and Spain (2014), all of which adopted the Cantook Hub technology for the digital distribution of their titles.

Beyond the distribution of ebooks, De Marque developed Cantook Station, an ebook lending solution for public libraries. With this technology, and through a partnership with BIBLIOPRESTO.CA, the PRETNUMERIQUE.CA service was launched (2012) and is currently used by 90% of Quebec libraries. Cantook Station also contributes to De Marque’s international development through its adoption by numerous libraries in Switzerland, France, Belgium and in other Canadian provinces.

Yesterday And Tomorrow
Today, Marc Boutet is thrilled with what his company has become: “We can be proud of what we have been able to build together with all our partners and members of our team, collectively; the coming years are full of promise as we continue to innovate and create opportunities for our clients¬. Twenty-five years of existence for an I.T. company, that’s a quite a feat!”

About De Marque
Based in Quebec City, Canada, De Marque is a leader in the field of ebook distribution. The company has enjoyed sustained growth upheld by it cutting-edge distribution platforms.

Ebook distribution at De Marque, in numbers:

• Over 1,300 publishers
• 150,000 titles stored in Cantook Hub
• Over 300 resellers in 40 countries
• Libraries from over 1,700 municipalities are served by the Cantook Station e-lending service
• Over 2,125,000 recorded digital loans | |


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