Public libraries of the Communauté française de Belgique will now rely on De Marque and its ebook lending platform Cantook Station

Quebec City, December 3, 2014 – Over the next few weeks, public library users in the Communauté française de Belgique will be able to borrow ebooks thanks to Cantook Station, the e-lending technology developed by De Marque. With Quebec City mayor Régis Labeaume attending, this agreement was announced in Brussels today as part of an economic mission of the City of Quebec.

Already available in Quebec and New Brunswick under the name PRETNUMERIQUE.CA and Grenoble (France) under the name BIBOOK, Cantook Station allows readers to borrow ebooks 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and librarians to purchase and manage their ebook collections with simplicity and efficiency.

In addition to those from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, other libraries have confirmed this week the use of Cantook Station. They include Geneva (Switzerland), Bibliomédia (Switzerland) and Edmonton (Canada). “And that’s just the beginning,” said Marc Hébert, Cantook Station product director at De Marque: “There is a very strong demand for our product in Europe and Canada, and several other libraries will be joining us to by the end of the year.”

The De Marque team takes great satisfaction in seeing that its solutions are taking root and being adopted in various international markets. “Our technological solutions have become genuine tool boxes for publishers, booksellers and librarians alike. We are pleased that they can assist in better and more efficiently promoting titles from here and elsewhere,” added Marc Boutet, president of De Marque.

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De Marque is a worldwide leader in the field of ebook distribution. Already well established in Canada, France, Italy and Spain, the company distributes more than 100,000 digital titles and catalyzes the strengths of an international multilingual network of over 650 publishers and 300 retailers in over 40 countries.


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