Québec City, September 15, 2017 – Mr. Marc Boutet, president and co-founder of De Marque, is proud to announce that the company’s mobile application for its Cantook Station e-lending solution for public libraries will enter closed beta testing this Fall.

This project, supported by Québec City’s municipal technology showcase program, will initially allow the Bibliothèque de Québec (Québec City’s municipal public library network) to become the first library in the province to offer a personalized mobile reading application to its users, making e-lending easier than ever before.

De Marque’s iOS version of the application will undergo real-world testing this Fall with a closed group of Québec City library patrons who will have access to a selection of ebooks from local publishers. In fact, De Marque will be purchasing an assortment of ebook licenses largely consisting of Québec-based authors and publishing houses.

It will also help the Bibliothèque de Québec’s standing on an international level, placing it in the vanguard of modern world libraries. Thanks to De Marque, the library will be among the first in the world to use Readium LCP as its rights management service. This open standard, developed by the Readium Foundation, and of which members of the De Marque team have contributed to, will help libraries considerably reduce costs linked to each loan as well as decrease the amount of technical support required by their patrons.

With De Marque’s new application, library patrons will no longer be required to install a third-party application and create an Adobe ID to check out an ebook; they will simply need to connect to their library. Furthermore, a Web-based streaming application will also be made available to help counter compatibility problems. Everyone will be able to check out and read an ebook regardless of their age, their device of choice or how tech savvy they are.

“Thanks to the support from Québec City’s technology program, we have fulfilled our vision to improve access to ebooks in libraries,” rejoiced Mr. Boutet. “Québec City’s citizens will be first to try out and take advantage of our new application.”

“Thereafter, it will be possible to deploy our system elsewhere,” he continued. “Not just to libraries across the province of Québec, but internationally as well. We expressions of interest from French-speaking Europe and I have received calls from Chicago and Pittsburgh who are curious about these developments. It’s exciting because we’re talking about how this application will improve a person’s e-reading experience and make it easier for them to enjoy reading their favourite books. For me, that’s where real innovation lies.”

De Marque is an international leader in the field of digital content distribution, particularly ebooks. Established in Québec City, the company now distributes over 315,000 ebooks from more than 2,500 publishers to 1,300 sales points worldwide. Cantook Station, the company’s e-lending service for libraries, is currently used in over 2,000 libraries across Canada and Europe. Since its launch in 2012, the service has registered over 5 million ebook checkouts from library users


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