1) Why do we no longer need to issue invoices?
After discussions with our tax specialists, since publishers are not selling any goods or services to De Marque inc. there is no need to issue an invoice.

2) Why is there no longer any sales tax on the sums owed to us?
Considering we act as an intermediary and no goods or services are sold to us, the sums owed to publishers are not subject to sales tax.

3) What about Cantook Boutique (Bouquinarium)?
There are no changes in regards to Cantook Boutique. As specified in your contract, the sums owed to you via the Cantook Boutique (Bouquinarium) service include sales tax, which has been charged to the consumer. Remittance of these taxes to the government is your responsbility.

4) Why must we still issue invoices for sales reports dated before March 31, 2015?
To ensure consistency in our accounting. It is important we maintain uniformity in our procedures for all operations up until March 31, 2015.

5) Can we still send you an invoice for our owed sums?
No invoice issued for reports past March 2015 will be recorded, nor will any taxes be paid for these amounts.

6) If we no longer issue invoices, how will payments be identified on the checks as we receive?
The amounts paid to you will be identified by the year and month of the report. For example, the payment for the March 2015 sales report will be identified as “2015-03.”

If you have more questions regarding sales reports, payments or invoicing, you may contact Amelie Chabot at amelie@demarque.com or (418) 658-9143, ext. 223.