Marc Boutet - President and Chief Executive Officer
Marc BoutetPresident and Chief Executive Officer
Christian Roy - VP Products
Christian RoyVP Products
Marie Turgeon - VP Sales and Marketing
Marie TurgeonVP Sales and Marketing
Karl McLellan - Chief Operating Officer
Karl McLellanChief Operating Officer

Marc Boutet

President and Chief Executive Officer

What was supposed to be a simple summer job has transformed into a true life project for Marc Boutet. He cofounded De Marque at the age of 15 years old, and has since then constantly showed avant-gardism and innovation. For 25 years, he has renewed himself and enabled his company to prosper. His flair, ambition, relational skills and ability to share have made him a recognized entrepreneur in his field. He believes in the importance of cultural diversity – from the diversity of books available to the multiplicity of retail outlets around the world, making it possible to reach anyone and everyone.

Christian Roy

VP Products

Christian has been part of De Marque since the very beginning. Within the company, he has worked as a programmer, designer, project manager and team leader. From the 1990s, he has coordinated the digitization of books, magazines and encyclopedias as well as their distribution onto CD-ROMs and the Internet. He has also headed the development of software and web projects, including Tap’Touche and BudgetExpress, two jewels of the software industry in Quebec. Since 2009, he has been completely devoted to leading and supporting the work of teams developing and operating the company’s digital platforms.

Marie Turgeon

VP Sales and Marketing

Marie has roughly 20 years experience in strategic development and marketing. Over this time, she acquired a thorough understanding of best practices and principles in sales and market development. Regardless of business sector, she constantly demonstrated outstanding strategic vision and a great sense of communication. These qualities enabled her to both seal partnerships and establish long lasting relationships with major players, entirely based on trust. A unifying force, she is always accessible and mindful, coaching her team members at De Marque into exceeding expectations and achieving common goals.

Karl McLellan

Chief Operating Officer

Karl has fifteen years of experience in finance and management. A graduate of Université Laval, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and also holds the designation of Certified Management Accountant. He also completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialized in management accounting. Accurate, efficient and knowledgeable, he has held several executive positions in various private firms, such as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of Petrolia.

Amélie Chabot - Administrative Assistant
Amélie ChabotAdministrative Assistant
Alexandra Poisson - Controller
Alexandra PoissonController
Nicolas Cyr - Director of Digital Platform Operations
Nicolas CyrDirector of Digital Platform Operations
Caroline Thériault-Lepage - Technical Project Manager and Product Expert
Caroline Thériault-LepageTechnical Project Manager and Product Expert
Paul Dussault - Technical Project Manager and Product Expert
Paul DussaultTechnical Project Manager and Product Expert
Baptiste Jublot - Technical Support
Baptiste JublotTechnical Support
Bianca Drapeau - Key Account Manager
Bianca DrapeauKey Account Manager
Anne-Sophie Hétault - Account Manager
Anne-Sophie HétaultAccount Manager
Mike Lacroix - Marketing Project Manager
Mike LacroixMarketing Project Manager
Mireille Lamontagne - Marketing Project Manager
Mireille LamontagneMarketing Project Manager
Marie-France Pageot - Sales and Marketing Assistant
Marie-France PageotSales and Marketing Assistant
Piel Bédard - Customer service technician
Piel BédardCustomer service technician
Kevin Lamontagne - Systems Administrator
Kevin LamontagneSystems Administrator
Bernard Bastien - Product Manager - E-Lending Solutions
Bernard BastienProduct Manager - E-Lending Solutions
Jean-Philippe Bougie - Lead developer
Jean-Philippe BougieLead developer
Marc Hébert - Developer
Marc HébertDeveloper
Philippe Rathé - Developer
Philippe RathéDeveloper
Maxim Plourde - Developer
Maxim PlourdeDeveloper
Marc Falla - Developer
Marc FallaDeveloper
David Canuel-Gagnon - Developer
David Canuel-GagnonDeveloper
Christophe Frenette - Web Designer and Integrator
Christophe FrenetteWeb Designer and Integrator