Quebec City, June 17 2014 – De Marque and the Association nationale des éditeurs de livres (ANEL) welcome the news that their Entrepôt numérique digital warehouse & distribution system has helped Quebec and French-Canadian publishers achieve $2.5 million in ebook sales for 2013.

Arriving on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the creation of the Entrepôt numérique, developed by De Marque in partnership with ANEL, this figure is a significant measure of the importance the digital book market now occupies for Quebec and French-Canadian publishers. These sales were made through 150 online retailers located in Quebec and across the globe, amidst the compelling challenge of diversifying the types of sales outlets.

Purchases made by Quebec’s public libraries account for nearly 25% of the total sales figure mentioned above, confirming the prominent role libraries have in transforming the ebook economy chain.

“These figures show that the transition to digital, undertaken 5 years ago by ANEL and De Marque, is crucial for developing future opportunities and the success of our editors,” said Richard Prieur, General Manager of ANEL. “It is essential to continue creating a favourable climate for the democratization of digital books and their accessibility for all, notably for readers first and foremost.”

Marc Boutet, CEO of De Marque, also adds: “We continue to foster new relationships with numerous international partners, as we continue to open and widen exposure for Quebec and French-Canadian titles across the world.” / /

About De Marque

De Marque is a leader in the field of digital cultural content distribution, specifically digital books. Well established in Canada, France and Italy, they are at the center of an international and multilingual network, with more than 550 partners in over 40 countries.

About ANEL

The Association nationale des éditeurs de livres (ANEL) was created in 1992 and is now made up of some 100 francophone publishers from Quebec and throughout Canada. ANEL works to promote freedom of expression, respect for intellectual property rights, and universal access to books as a basis of knowledge and a learning tool. ANEL acts as a representative for the publishing industry in the cultural milieu and among political bodies.



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