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The Digital Consumer Book Barometer started in 2018 and provides intelligence on sales and consumer trends. It examines ebook and audiobook segments in a number of relevant international markets outside of the well documented English-language territories.

2020 was a breakthrough year for digital consumer books, bringing new opportunities in reaching new audiences. There was also a notable expansion in ebook and audiobook consumption in subscription, e-lending and streaming models. Most importantly, sales soared in spring 2020 at first by the impact of pandemic restrictions. After a short lull in summer, the trend turned out to be a sustainable game changer for the entire digital book business.

De Marque is thrilled to support the Barometer once again this year by providing data from both Canada and Spain.

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The Digital Consumer Book Barometer provides detailed insights and analysis based on solid and exclusive market data in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, French speaking Canada, Brazil and Mexico. Get your copy of the Barometer 2021 delivered to your inbox today!

The Digital Consumer Book Barometer, started by Ruediger Wischenbart Content and Consulting in 2018. It is regularly updated and dwells on real sales data provided by leading international digital distributors and aggregators, notably De Marque, Libranda, edigita, Readbox and Bookwire.

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