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Ebooks, Audiobooks, Reading & Learning.

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Let’s be inspiring.

The way the world operates has changed, hasn’t it? 

The rules may have changed, but people haven’t. More than ever, we seek escape and knowledge to nourish our hearts and grow our minds.

Let’s get your ebooks and audiobooks into the hands of those who want it most. Let’s find the escape you want from the comfort of your home. Let’s give you the tools to keep learning and broadening your horizons. 

Let’s keep this spark alive. Let’s inspire together.

Since 1990, De Marque has been developing solutions and expertise to distribute and promote digital content, like ebooks, audiobooks and educational resources. From bookstores to public libraries to classrooms, we connect creators to people across the world so culture can thrive everywhere.

What can De Marque do for you?

  • I Am A Book Publisher.

    Thanks to our distribution platform and our marketing expertise, we will assist you in promoting and distributing your ebooks and audiobooks across the world.

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  • I am a public library.

    Our e-lending service allows your users to borrow and read ebooks and audiobooks wherever they may be. You will always find the most popular content in our bookstore.

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  • I’m A School Or A Learning Establishment.

    Offsite teaching is now part of the new reality in which we live, and we have the tools to keep your students engaged and learning.

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  • I’m Someone Who Likes Reading Books.

    Are you looking for your next great read? Our Aldiko e-reading app can help you get to bestselling and classic ebooks and audiobooks in no time.

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  • I Am A Business.

    Whether on-location or remote, our online subscription resources are the perfect pro tools for your team.

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