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Cantook Education :
The e-lending solution for K-12 schools.

Looking for a seamless reading experience for K-12 schools? Cantook Education does just that. We believe in making digital reading as effortless as reading a physical book. That’s why our K-12 e-lending platform offers a fresh perspective on e-lending, focusing on the fundamentals of reading even if we’re in a digital world. Our platform connects students with the ebooks they want to read and offers teachers a user-friendly classroom experience.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional digital platforms and hello to our K-12 e-lending solution.

It’s time to change the rules. It’s time to read, your way.

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Experience the joy of reading, your way,
with our diverse ebook collection.

Change the way your students read today.

Getting Cantook Education for your K-12 school is a breeze. Get in touch with us today and find out how easy it is to onboard Cantook Education for your school.

Your online library.

Whether your students are in class, at home, or wherever they have an internet connection, borrowing a book with Cantook Education is only a few clicks away. The entire process happens right in a web browser, so there’s no need to download software or files.

Easy classroom tools

We make it a snap to manage reading assignments to your class while keeping up to date with their progress. Just a couple of clicks and you’re done!

No gimmicks

We have a straightforward approach where users focus on their reading undistracted. And second, we greatly reduce the risk of users experiencing technical problems with features that needlessly complicate the system.

All-Canadian at heart

We’re Canadians, so we understand our reality is unique. Our communities are diverse and our schools are as well. Your school’s library and classrooms should reflect that. Make reading engaging and relatable for your students.

You’re all set

We’ll give your personalized onboarding, training sessions for your staff, online help for you and your patrons, tech support and collection development specialists. We’re with you all the way.

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