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The power of reading, from kindergarten to grade 12, in class and at home

Cantook Education makes digital reading easier for students and educators alike thanks to an engaging and accessible learning environment.

Cantook Education has taken the digital reading experience back to basics: creating a distraction-free, no-frills reading environment that fosters concentration and enhances the joy of reading.

For students, Cantook Education provides access to their books from anywhere. For teachers, it’s a user-friendly classroom experience.

Thousands of titles

Choose from a collection of thousands of books, in English and French, from leading Canadian and major international publishing houses.

No gimmicks

The reading experience we’ve developed for students is designed to offer them the same sense of immersion as they would get reading a printed book.

All-Canadian at heart

Our platform is not just proudly developed in Canada. It’s rooted in the unique character of our communities and schools. Allow us to help you showcase this diversity.

Cantook Education opens the doors to a world of books that revolutionizes reading and teaching methods. It offers a stimulating learning experience for students and teachers, uplifting them to whole new heights of discoveries.

For the classroom

Let Cantook Education enhance the way you teach. Provide immediate access to a collection of thousands of books, from timeless classics to contemporary favourites. And effortlessly integrate these readings into your curriculum.

When we say “effortlessly” we’re not kidding. No extra apps or downloads are needed. Everything is accessible for your students in a flash, right from their web browser on any device.

For fun

We know school librarians and teachers play a pivotal role in promoting literacy and instilling a passion for reading. We believe that students who read regularly do better in school. That the love of reading can turn them into independent, confident learners, instilling a desire for discovery and learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

That’s why Cantook Education offers a wide range of leisure reading material for children and young adults, available anytime, anywhere.

For everyone

Cantook Education embodies our commitment towards universal accessibility to reading. It is our desire to facilitate access to literature and learning materials, regardless of the abilities or challenges faced by users. Our inclusive approach removes barriers and promotes an environment conducive to learning.

Web reader

We’ve included essential accessibility features in our online reader. Readers can optimize legibility using a number of settings, such as contrasts and fonts, or have their texts be read aloud. The end result, in every case,  is more accessible reading for everyone.

Discover frog TECHNOLOGY

Cantook Education offers books in the FROG format, the inclusive reading technology. FROG is an enhanced ebook format that eases the reading effort and cognitive load on a reader so they can better focus their energy on decoding and increasing comprehension.

Developed by MOBiDYS in cooperation with speech therapists, FROG books (FRee your cOGnition) are enhanced by dynamic features that make reading accessible to people with specific learning disabilities.

FROG books incorporate multiple tools aimed at facilitating reading without the need for any additional applications or software. Readers can dive right in directly from their web browser.

The origins of the FROG FORMAT

Specific learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, affect between 6% and 8% of Canadians. The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) estimates that more than one in ten Canadian students do not reach the reading proficiency level expected in Grade 8/Secondary 2. This is why the FROG technology is designed to empower these groups of readers, who are often faced with a shortage of professional and material resources. FROG offers an interactive ebook where readers can select the tools that suit them best.

A toolbox for reading

The features and settings offered by FROG can be customized and adapted to suit the individual needs of each reader in order to facilitate decoding, improve attention and increase comprehension. Among these are:

  • breaking down text into units of meaning;
  • narration provided by human voices;
  • choice of font and font size;
  • highlighting of syllables and/or phonetics;
  • explanation of difficult vocabulary.

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