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The first educational digital library of the French speaking world

ScholarVox is the pioneering academic e-reading streaming service. It has established a strong presence in many leading institutions across different continents thanks to:

  • A personalized flat-rate subscription model;
  • Full-text access, allowing an unlimited number of simultaneous readers of a single work;
  • A sophisticated digital rights management system that guarantees that intellectual property rights are protected;
  • Customization features and community tools.

Innovating in Synergy

ScholarVox was launched in 2001 by Cyberlibris (Paris, France). In 2022, it became the newest addition of the Cantook suite, owned and operated by De Marque (Quebec, Canada), a leading distributor of ebooks. ScholarVox benefits from the synergy of two expert teams specialized in library services:

  • Cantook Libraries, an e-lending solution available in public libraries in Canada and internationally;
  • Cantook Education, a K-12 e-lending solution for, notably used by Biblius (Government of Quebec) across the entire Quebec public school system.

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The Collections

  • Art
  • Economics and management
  • Education
  • History
  • Computer
  • Humanities
  • Recreational
  • Psychology, sociology, ethnology
  • Sciences
  • Hospital
  • Medical, Health

Hundreds of subjects and selections

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